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Locations New York

Your guide to shooting in the field

The International Sessions of Digital Photography offers classes to help enhance your knowledge of your DSLR or film cameras, composition, lighting, hands on instruction, critiques, shooting techniques and tips from industry professionals as well as imaging workshops to push and manage your images to their optimum. All of our classes are designed to keep you at the cutting edge of digital photography, imaging and to make you look at the world differently. With our location photography workshops, you attain the essential knowledge needed to be working in the field, on the street or in the studio so that you never miss "the decisive moment." 

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Participants can choose from the two group photography sessions in fascinating Manhattan: Chinatown and Central Park. Participants learn the tips and hints for successful street photography . At the same time acquiring the knowledge of the camera basic, the various functions and camera settings to gain greater control. By the end of the two class Participants are proficient in Manual Mode settings taking more successful photographs

 Grand Central Station

In the workshop the primary focus is shooting in different lighting situations. Participants learn how to make adjustments for indoor, outdoor and various levels of low light shooting. Also covered are tips and hints for shooting architecture, city landscape and macro photography for close up details. Participants develop a greater understanding of their camera by learning the camera's capabilities and control the features of the DSLR camera including aperture, shutter speed, ISOs, to get the full benefit of this intricate digital equipment. 

Workshops explore the Upper East Side and Harlem. Students learn the camera basics, the various functions and camera settings. During the class, students learn and apply new concepts like panning and depth of field. Another skill is the understanding of selective focus to add another dimension to their photos and the fundamental mechanics of the technique and ways to apply it to improve their photographs.

Central Park

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This workshop focuses on Landscape / Nature. At each location students learn techniques for Architecture, People, Nature Photography and the camera's capabilities / features of a DSLR camera including aperture, shutter speed and ISO to get the full benefit of their digital equipment. 

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