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Attended: Location Photography Workshop: Chinatown
"Marla helped me to finally understand how the manual settings work on my camera and she gave me some great tips on what to look for when composing my photographs. It was a fun experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to take their street photography skills to the next level."

-Patti M

Attended: Location Photography Workshop: Chinatown

"I really enjoyed my morning learning with Marla. She taught me so much about my camera and photography in general from composition and light to more technical aspects of using my camera. Everything she did was in a very comprehensive and patient way. On top of that it was great exploring Chinatown, spending time with her and has hearing her very interesting stories about her career in photography."

- Francesca C

Attended: Location Photography Workshop: Chinatown

"I loved! I would definitely do it again, we saw the theoretical part first and then we practiced in the streets, it was beyond a photography class since we talked about how it is important because in each photo and to support the work with storytelling."

- Monica M

Attended: Location Photography Workshop: Chinatown

"I had such a great time on this workshop! Instructor Marla Mossman was terrific, and offered helpful advice on both the technical aspects of operating my DSLR as well as scouting interesting subjects and locations for street photography. She did a wonderful job tailoring the workshop to my skill level and background.."

- Kate G

Attended: Location Photography Workshop: Chinatown

"I had a lot of fun and got some great shots.."

- Anonymous

Attended: Location Photography Workshop: Chinatown
"I loved it! Looking forward to meeting with this wonderful woman again. At first, I didn't realize that I was the only student (That being said I'm the only crazy one who decided to go out shooting mid winter in the frost) but nonetheless the professor showed up, taught me things that I didn't know about my own camera, was very personal, professional, kind and wise. Also is a great photographer and has some guts when it comes to asking people for pictures with street photography. Thank you a million times over!"

-Michelle S.

Attended: Fascinating Areas of Manhattan Workshop: Chinatown
Marla's workshop was wonderful! She was so nice and Chinatown was full of great subjects for shooting. I am pretty comfortable with the technical aspects of DSLR and wanted to start focusing on not just taking a technically sound picture, but pictures that capture the "mood" or "atmosphere" of the place and/or people I am shooting. I couldn't have picked a better person to help me work toward this goal! Marla has a background in street photography and really helped me to start thinking like a photographer. We concentrated on how to anticipate being ready for a "moment" in a place like NYC- for example, managing the light conditions that can go from a dark shadow of a building to bright light quickly. She also impressed on me how to anticipate the movement of a subject, the importance of thinking ahead of where you would want that subject to ideally be, and then how to position yourself to achieve that shot. I left feeling that I could create a much better urban street scene shot after her class! Highly recommend!"


Attended Location Photography Workshop: Spanish Harlem
"I am an experienced amateur photographer, with broad photographic interests. A recent portfolio review showed that my travel photography, while positive in some aspects, lacks personal connection and intimacy with people that I meet in my travels. I decided to focus on this weakness in the recent workshop in Harlem, New York City. Marla asked each of the students for their goals for the workshop, then took positive steps to help achieve them. In my case, I could not have found a better instructor Marla instantly develops rapport with people in the street, based on her genuine interest in everyone she encounters. She engaged in several conversations, resulting in excellent photographic opportunities for all of us. She set such an example that I was able to approach several people on my own, coming away with memorable experiences and photographs. I always recommend workshops to friends traveling to new locations. I can specifically recommend Marla as a great instructor to help bring your people and street photography to a new level. Thanks for a great experience!"

-Juan Z.

Attended: Location Photography Workshop: Chinatown

"I had a lovely session with you. Over all my interaction was very good and you have really put an impact. I would always appreciate your vital tips, links, and sharing to enhance my photography skills."

-Vinod C.

Attended: Location Photography Workshop: Chinatown
"Being prepared for the decisive moment has always been an issue for me. Marla taught me how to prep beforehand by scouting a location, helping me decide which manual settings would work best for the scene, and most of all, to be patient as we waited for photo opportunities. Thank you for your advice and guidance."

-Chris D. 


Attended: Location Photography Workshop: Chinatown
"I was the only student that which made it a big plus for me. We were off to a good start in terms of putting into action what we had discussed about what makes a great photograph. Marla asked me to take different kinds of photos based on our discussion and then went around Chinatown. The only suggestion I would make is to spend more time guiding the student what will make a better photo while shooting (not just in the beginning) because that was more helpful to me."

-Ren Lee


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