New York Location Photographs

Each Composition in the Field class begins with a brief introduction with Participants take walking instruction through one of a variety of photogenic locales (determined prior to the class). Participants put to practice the lessons during this two hour session.


During the class, students learn and apply new concepts like panning and depth of field. Another skill is the understanding of the correct use of selective focus to add another dimension to their photos... literally. Much of the time, depth of field is used to accentuate beautiful natural scenes. Another creative use is in Portrait Photography where the focus is only on the eyes. It can be used in any situation to create a more interesting and complex image. For these strategies, I give instruction on both the fundamental mechanics of the technique and ways to apply it to improve the everyday photograph. Throughout the workshop lessons the participants are given exercises to increase their "Art of Seeing Through the Lens" as well as ways to look at the composition of their images by gaining an understanding of the transition of seeing from a multidimensional world to the camera. Images captured in the camera are expressed to the viewer in 2 dimensions length and width. The Art of Seeing covers techniques to create illusions of space, making the right lens choices, camera angles and light modifying effects. 


With my over 25 years of experience as a photography, printer and professional photographer I will guide the Participants through each step of the process in a fun two-hour session. Over the entire series they will learn to shoot strategically, getting more interesting photos and come away with a foundation to improve their photographs in the future, whether for work and or pleasure. 


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